Summer skillful use of green feed

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As long as the vegetables and grass are clean and free of sediment, they can be fed to livestock. If there is a lot of silt, it must be washed and crushed or beaten. It is also possible to directly feed longgrass and whole vegetables, but it is not possible to feed them on the ground so as not to be contaminated by excrement or to be wasted due to trampling. Feeding green feed, it is best to feed now, so as not to cause rotten poultry and poultry poisoning. However, the feeding of green feed may cause the livestock to become infected with parasites. Therefore, livestock that feed green feed should be regularly dewormed. Some green fodder such as thorny vines with steel wool, poor palatability, will affect the livestock and poultry feed, should not be fed.

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2 cooked

Adding green feed to boiled and fed is a method of feeding pigs commonly used in rural areas. The advantage is that it can kill parasites or eggs attached to the green feed, and it is advisable to mix the concentrate feeds. The palatability is good, but most of the nutrition is already Lost. Therefore, green feed generally does not promote ripening. The ripening method is applicable only to beans, bean curd squash, pumpkin, potatoes, or vegetables with strips of steel, etc. It can destroy the anti-trypsin and other harmful substances in the bean feed, and can improve the palatability and undesirable substances of pumpkins and potatoes. When cooking, use a large fire, stir frequently, and do not cover the lid. Add a little vinegar to it to promote the evaporation of harmful substances. If you want to cook now, do not feed overnight food to avoid nitrite poisoning.

3 Fermentation

Feeding livestock after fermentation of green fodder is an effective way to increase feed palatability and nutritional value. In general, weeds, wild vegetables, leaves, leaves and vines are washed and chopped into a water tank or a cylinder and compacted layer by layer. When eighty percent is filled, they are covered with straws and pressed with stones until the green feed sinks. After that, add fresh water to the animal to isolate the feed from the air. After the fermentation is continued for one day, feed the pigs. If the mixture is fermented with bran, the effect is better. It can both remove the odor and increase the palatability, but it can not exist for a long time. When the feed is sour, it can be rinsed with water and then fed. If it is too acidic, it cannot feed pregnant pigs to prevent miscarriage.

4 Blister feed

Applicable to feeds that some livestock do not like to eat, such as strange, or containing tannins, such as poplar, willow, hazel, apricot, alfalfa and other leaves, soaked in water, can remove astringency and other strange taste, livestock love have eaten. Content comes from

5 Silage feeding

Silage grass, vegetables, leaves, etc. can be stored for long periods of time. If 0.5%-1% urea is added during silage, the protein content of cattle and sheep can be increased. After silage, silage can soften the grass, improve the quality of silage, with acid and aroma, can enhance the appetite of cattle and sheep, increase their feed intake, and the nutritional composition of green feed is not easily destroyed. Attention should not be given to pregnant animals to feed more, so as to avoid abortion; Single feed nutrition is not complete, should be fed with other feed, so that nutritional balance; Silage not mixed with rotten grass, rotten vegetables, so as not to cause poisoning.

6 dried and fed

Drying or drying the grass harvested before the knots is the best fodder for the livestock to eat for the winter. High-quality hay can replace the concentrate feed and the nutritional value of 2 kg of hay is determined to be equivalent to 1 kg of concentrate feed. Drying the grass is the easiest way to preserve it. The method is to spread the fresh grass thinly on the ground and use tweezers to move it 1-2 times a day. After 1-2 days, it can be dried, and it can be washed with the sun to prevent rain and damp. Good smell of hay. Sun dried grass can also be made into grass powder.

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