Occurrence and Control of Peach Tree Glue Disorders

Flowing gum disease occurs in peach production areas in China and is an extremely common disease. Excessive flow of the plants will seriously weaken the tree potential. In severe cases, it will cause dead branches and dead trees. It is a matter of great concern. In addition to peach trees, other stone fruit trees such as apricots, plums, cherries, etc. also have gum disease.

Symptoms: Main damage to the trunk and main branch litchi, small branches, fruits can also be harmed. In the early stages of injury, the main branch and main branch suffered a slight swelling of the diseased part. When the sap began to flow in the early spring, translucent yellow gum came out of the diseased part, especially after the rain. The gum coming out of contact with the air turned reddish-brown and jelly-like. After drying, it turned into a dark brown to dark brown hard rubber block. The diseased part is easily infested by saprophytic bacteria, which causes the cortex and xylem to turn brown and rot. As a result, the tree vigor is weak, and the leaves turn yellow and small, and the branches or whole plants die when severe. Fruit onset, secreted by the fruit kernel endogenous yellow glial. Spilling on the fruit surface, the diseased part is hardened, cracked when severe, and it cannot grow and develop. There is no food value.

Etiology: With regard to the cause of fluidity in peach trees, according to research at home and abroad, the following factors can promote the flow of gum:

1. These diseases or parasitic trunks, or the leaves of the disease, caused by parasitic fungal and bacterial hazards such as dry rot, rot, anthracnose, scab, bacterial perforation, and fungal perforation. Growth is weak, reducing resistance. According to foreign reports, a bacteria confined to the xylem can cause fluidity.

2. Insect pests, especially dried pests, cause the wounds to easily induce gummy.

3. Wounds caused by mechanical damage, as well as freezing and sunburn injuries. Excessive trimming during growth and replanting.

4. Bad scion and use of incompatible rootstocks. Poor soil, such as too heavy and acidic.

5. Poor drainage, improper irrigation, excessive water in the ground area, etc.

Pathological anatomy: Gum between diseased cortical cells is a clear lesion in the tissue. In the primary nature, a gel cavity is formed. The free cells in the gel cavity contain no starch. As a result of the enzyme, the intercellular membrane and cell contents dissolve. The host tissue forms a glue substance, which is a secondary phenomenon. Flowing gum occurs in the early spring when sap flow is vigorous, especially after low temperature rain.

Incidence conditions: Generally, from April to October, heavy rain drops occur during the rainy season, especially after prolonged drought, and the fluid injection disease is serious. Pears in older trees are severely fluidized, and young trees are lightly diseased. The flow of fruit is related to insect pests, and damage to stink bugs is the main cause of fruit flow. Slurry and pulverized loam soil cultivation rarely occurs gum disease, clay loam soil and fertilizer live soil cultivation gum disease prone to occur.

Control methods:

1. Strengthen Taoyuan management and increase tree vigor. Increase the application of organic fertilizer, pay attention to drainage in low-lying water, use lime or calcium superphosphate in the acid-alkali soil, improve the soil, pay attention to row of salt in the saline-alkali soil, reasonably pruning, reduce the branch wounds, and avoid continuous operation of Taoyuan.

2. Prevention and control of trunk diseases and pests, prevention of pests and diseases, and early prevention and control of pests on peach trees such as scale insects, aphids, Tianni and so on. The winter and spring trunks are painted white to prevent freezing and sunburn.

(3) Pharmacy protection and prevention: Before the germination in early spring, the diseased parts of the fluid injection site will be scraped off, and the wound will be covered with general tree emulsion, which can effectively prevent and cure fluidic diseases. The use of cerclage techniques during the dormant period of the peach tree and the application of Kaohua No. 1 can effectively prevent and control the flow of gum and control the flowers slightly to improve the quality of the fruit in the coming year. (China Plant Protection Network: Wei Linfei)

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