Maize Breeding does not happen to meet the flowering deadline

The meeting of the father and mother of the corn planting field at the flowering stage is the key to ensure their high yield and income. However, due to factors such as parental traits, climatic conditions, soil types, and other factors, it is sometimes difficult to meet at flowering time, thereby affecting the increase of yield. The following measures should be taken to remediate and reduce losses.

The slow-growing parents should be partial to water and promote growth and development. The fast-growing parent was rooted on the root side to inhibit its growth. In doing so, we can encourage the parent and mother to meet each other in the flowering period.

For the slow-growing parents, when 12 leaves are visible, the potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution is sprayed on the leaves to allow the male parent to advance the tassel or the maternal ear early to spit, thereby promoting the flowering phase to meet.

The paternal period is generally about 7 days. If the male has a tassel early, he or she should remove the male leaves with two leaves at the earliest time; or cut the leaves of the ear with 1 cm to promote the development of the ear and advance the spinning. The flowering period meets. The maternal spun silk is early, and the paternal tassels have not been loose powder. The mother's filigree can be cut and the pollen is accepted two days in advance to increase the seed setting rate.

Artificially assisted pollination. Auxiliary pollination should be carried out when the dew is dry at 9-10 hours in the sunny morning and when the loose powder is most abundant. Pollination should be pollinated while pollinating, otherwise it will affect pollen viability for too long. If artificially assisted pollination occurs within two hours of rain, it is advisable to supplement pollen once more.

The noodles are a kind of fine facial hair, white and tough, and resistant to cooking and cooking. They are round and thin, and also wide and flat. The main varieties are ordinary noodles, flower noodles, handmade noodles, etc. The varieties are divided into egg noodles, tomato noodles, spinach noodles, carrot noodles, kelp noodles, lysine noodles and so on. At present, the noodles have formed a pattern of common development such as staple food, flavor, nutrition and health care. The noodles are one of the main pastas that people love because of their good taste, convenient consumption, low price and easy storage.
The noodle is made by adding salt, alkali and water to the wheat flour and drying it to make a certain length of dry noodles.
The noodles are made of refined flour, contain no preservatives and additives, and the noodles are made of refined flour. The reason why the noodles can be stored for a long time is because it has a process of drying and dehydration, no moisture, and the storage time is naturally long. However, the color of the abnormally empty noodles is not good. According to the quality supervision and inspection of the noodle products organized by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, it is found that the white noodles are actually added with a whitening agent called benzoyl peroxide. According to the "Sanitary Standards for the Use of Food Additives", the content should not exceed 0.06g/kg, otherwise it will damage human health.

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