Summer chickens prevent "acid" poisoning

In summer, the temperature is high, and the feed is affected by moisture and heat, which can easily cause spoilage and acidification. After being eaten by chickens, it stimulates the wall of the hernia sac and causes inflammation. If leftovers produce too much acid during the process of corruption, the acid will enter the blood through the chicken's sac wall and intestinal wall, leading to chicken acidosis.

After acidosis in chickens, chicken cocks usually have purple, stand out stray, wings drooping, feathers are fluffy, food intake is reduced, and even food is rejected. Hand pressing the capsule, some empty, some full of liquid. When the chicken is poured, the foamy sour liquid will be sucked out of its mouth, and the chicken in severe condition will also become unconscious or dead.

Prevention of "acid" poisoning measures is not to feed chickens with fever, fermented feed, should be fed less ground Tim, leaving no leftovers for the rest of the day, the tableware often brushing, keep clean. Each time the preparation or purchase of feed should not be too much, store the warehouse of the feed should be kept dry, ventilated, cool, to avoid mildew feed. The habit of mixing the wet material to feed the chicken can be changed by feeding the dry material. Fresh water can be placed on the side of the trough to allow the chicken to drink freely. Once the chicken has been found to have signs of acidosis, fever-prone feed should be stopped immediately and then treated according to the severity of the poison.

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solo garlic 3.0cm 4kgctn_


Solo garlic


2.5cm,3.0cm,3.5cm,4.5cm and up.

Place of origin

Jinxiang, Jining, Shandong, China


Reducing bacteria, keeping the heart in good condition and immunity.

Supply period

The whole year

Fresh season: February to April


10kg/mesh bag,20KG/ mesh bag;

6pcs,500g,1kg,4kg and 10kg




Shipment degree

-3°- 0°C

Delivery time

5-7 days after got buyer's deposit

Shipment port

Qingdao Port of China

Solo Garlic

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