Feeding female rabbits with coriander can increase milk

In rabbits that feed pellet feed on a regular basis, their female rabbits often suffer from inadequate milk supply after birth, especially females that have more litters, and milk supply is even less. Lack of milk often leads to a large number of deaths of puppies during the lactation period, resulting in a low survival rate that directly affects the economic benefits of feeding.

Relevant data show that female rabbits should be fed with fresh green forage during the lactation period to ensure adequate supply of milk, and in particular, it is advisable to feed vegetable-based forages such as carrots and celery. After feeding, it will be found that both vegetables are not ideal. Many females in indoor cages are reluctant to eat carrots, and the celery segment is also easily leaked into the tray, causing celery to be wasted. If you try to feed the female rabbits with Xiang Lai, each female or postpartum female will be fed daily with a rooted parsley (without mud and water) until the puppies produce calving boxes. After several years of trials and promotion, prolactin effect is good.

with transverse stolons. Leaves 3-11; leaf blade ovate, slightly leathery; petiole glabrous. Scapes yellow-green, narrowly ovate, apical apex; petals nearly lanceolate, apex acuminate, Middle slightly widened, with honey groove; stamens long only about 1/2 of the petals; anthers yellow, filaments narrowly linear; style slightly curved. Oval oblong, carpels stalked puberulent. March-April flowering, April-June results. Specialty Chongqing pillars yellow water. Health elevation of 1600-2200 meters between the mountain forest, often cultivated, wild rare. Rhizome is a famous traditional Chinese medicine ("Coptis"), with berberine, Coptidis base, Coptis base, tetrandrine and other alkaloids, can cure acute conjunctivitis, acute bacillary dysentery, acute gastroenteritis, hematemesis, Embolism.

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