Chrysanthemum cultivation techniques

Chrysanthemum annual growth period can be divided into seedling stage, branching and bud stage, flowering period, wither period, and perennial wintering period. Different growth stages require different nutritional conditions. In addition, chrysanthemum has a well-developed root system, deeper into the soil, and more fine roots.
The combination of basal fertilization and arable land uses 5,000 kg per acre, and when transplanting the seedlings, 400 kg of manure is used per acre. top dressing
(1) In the case of insufficient basal fertilizer, the priming fertilizer may be applied to 400 kg of manure per mu after transplanting.
(2) Branching When the beginning of the branching of the budding fertilizer, 1,000 kg of cooked manure is blended with 25 kg of superphosphate per acre and combined with earth.
(3) When buds are budded, 5 kg of urea and 10 kg of superphosphate are used per acre, and sprayed with 0.5%-1% potassium dihydrogen phosphate three times, once every 7-10 days.
(4) Wintering period As the nursery of the next year, when the twigs are withered, about 1 centimeter away from the ground, about 2000 kg of rotten manure will be applied per acre.

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