Clematis Application Notes

Garden use:

Clematis branches and leaves, some flowers large colorful, some of the most small flowers gathered in large inflorescences, unique and interesting, is an indispensable climbing green material. It can be planted on the side of a wall or in front of a window, or attached to the side of a tree or a bush, and it can be planted on a rockery or a rock. Climb to styles, flower gates, fences, or potted plants. A few species are suitable as ground cover plants. Some clematis flower branches, leaf branches and fruit branches, but also for bottle decoration, cut flowers and so on.

Medicinal value:

Root and whole herb medicine. Diuresis, qi purge, blood circulation and pain relief. For urination, bloating, closed; external governance joint swelling and pain, insect snake bites.

Bread is the most common and traditional food around the world. It has close links with Baking Enzymes. Enzymes has been used to improve the properties of the dough and of the final baked products. So it is considered that enzymes can be a cost effective solution to many of the problems encountered during production. Nowadays, baking enzymes are playing a vital role in bread-making industry. Sunson is dedicate to researching and developing high quality and new efficiency product unceasingly in the worldwide grain food enzyme domain. We serve for the grain food processing industry, and make great efforts to promote all kinds of flour products quality.

Sunson Bakery Enzymes are xylanase, phospholipase, lipase, Glucose Oxidase, transglutaminase and so on. All products are produced in accordance with FDA, FAO, WHO, UECFA, and they also conform to food chemistry pharmacopoeia(FCC).

The benefits of Sunson baking enzymes are:
Speed up dough fermentation, save time
Improve crumb structure, increase loaf volume and texture
Enhance dough-handling, stability and baking performance
Improve crust color and softness, longer shelf life
Better crumb flavor and taste

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