Lawn fertilization types and methods of use

Lawn fertilization should be small, many times, so that the grass can grow evenly.

(1) Fertilizer

1 The compound fertilizer is divided into two types, instant and slow dissolution, and it is the main fertilizer used in lawns. The quick-dissolving compound fertilizer is sprayed with a water-soluble solution, and slow-release compound fertilizers are generally directly sprayed. However, slow-dissolving compound fertilizers often cause localized burning, and therefore are mostly used in lawns that require less.

2 urea. Urea is a highly efficient nitrogen fertilizer and is commonly used in turf greens. Excessive use of nitrogen fertilizer on the lawn will cause the disease resistance of the plant to fall and become infected. The improper use of concentration may also cause burns. Therefore, it is generally not suitable for use.

3 Fast Green is a liquid nitrogen fertilizer with a similar effect to urea.

4 Long-acting compound fertilizer is a solid multi-element fertilizer with the characteristics of long-term fertilizer effect and good effect. Generally, it will not have burning phenomenon, but it is expensive.

(2) Principles of fertilizer selection

Level 1 or more turf use of instant compound fertilizer, fast green US and long-term fertilizer, the second and third-level lawn use slow-dissolving compound fertilizer, four grassland basically do not apply fertilizer.

(3) Fertilization method

1 The instant compound fertilizer was dissolved in a 0.5% concentration in a Water Bath and sprayed uniformly with a high-pressure sprayer. The amount of fertilizer applied was 80?/kg.

2 Fast green US diluted according to the indicated concentration and amount, spray with high pressure sprayer.

3 Long-acting fertilizer According to the instructions, the dosage should be applied evenly by hand, and the water should be poured before and after the application of fertilizer.

4 Slow-dissolve compound fertilizer is uniformly applied at a dosage of 20g/?.

5 After urea is diluted to a concentration of 0.5% with water, it is sprayed with a high pressure spray gun.

6 The fertilization is carried out according to the steps of points, slices, and zones to ensure uniformity.

(4) Fertilization cycle

1 The long-term fertilizer application cycle is determined according to the fertilizer use instructions.

2 There is no special fertilizer for long-acting fertilizers, and once-grade turf is used for applying compound fertilizer once a month.

3 Fast Green America and Urea are only used for chasing green on major festive days and inspections, and are strictly controlled at other times.

4 Grade 2 and Grade 3 lawns are used to apply slow-release compound fertilizer once every 3 months.

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