Winter vegetable change note 4 points

In the winter, when vegetables are changed, time is rushed, and vegetable farmers often pay insufficient attention to some matters, resulting in poor growth of vegetables after planting. So, what problems should be paid attention to when changing vegetables in winter? The author believes that the following points must be done:

First, disinfection must be thorough in the shed. After the vegetable was pulled out of the garden, the vegetable grower rushed to catch the estuary, so that the squat vegetables were listed as soon as possible. Most of them rushed to plant after gardening, but neglected the disinfection work of the greenhouse and laid a hidden danger for the outbreak of vegetable diseases. When changing vegetables, we must clean up the dead leaves in the shed and do a good job of disinfection inside the shed. After the vegetable is pulled out, 1000 grams of sulphur powder per acre is mixed with sawdust. After mixing, the seeds are placed in various points in the shed. The used agricultural implements, poles, etc. are also put into the shed, and the closed shed is lit after dark fire. Fumigation for 12 hours. Can also use 45% of the chlorothalonil smoke agent 400 ~ 600 grams per acre fumigation sterilization, fumigation, the need to close the greenhouse for 2 days, 2 days before planting to open vent ventilation. The soil in the shed is also to be sterilized. The ground can be sprayed with 30% Thiophanate 1000 times or 95% Hymex Agent 450 times. Planting vegetables after disinfection is effective. In greenhouses with underground pests, appropriate amounts of pesticides can be applied to the vegetables before they are planted in order to prevent underground pests.

Second, the soil should be deep turned. Many vegetable farmers have failed to fully plow their sheds due to a hasty change. They have only ploughed the vegetable crops. This is incorrect. It's best to deep-flip it by hand or use a rotary cultivator to fully plow the shed.

Third, basal must be fully cooked. In winter, the temperature is low, and chicken manure accumulates outside the shed. The fermentation is often incomplete. In winter, greenhouses are relatively insulative and relatively closed. If these chicken manures are not adequately decomposed, it is very easy to cause harmful gases such as ammonia to accumulate in the sheds and to smoke vegetables. Therefore, when basal fertilizer is used for vegetables, it is necessary to pay attention to see if the chicken manure has fully decomposed, and the appearance is yellowish-brown odor which is not fully decomposed chicken manure, and must be avoided. In order to increase the effect of chicken manure, 1,000 g of fertility and 2 cubic meters of chicken manure can be used. Some compound fertilizers with too high nitrogen content should not be used during this period.

Fourth, warm vegetables must be provided before planting. The lower ground temperature in winter is not conducive to the rooting of vegetable seedlings after planting. Excessive humidity at low temperature can also cause root collapse. Therefore, the greenhouse must be closed two days before the colonization of the vents, warm to the ground, as soon as possible after planting vegetables rooted new roots, early emergence of seedlings.

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