Week 2 of 2011: National hog prices rose 0.51% month-on-month

According to the monitoring of purchase price of live pigs in 337 prefecture-level cities on January 16, 2010, the average price of live pigs in the country this week was 13.78 yuan/kg, which was a 0.51% increase compared with 13.71 yuan/kg last week;

On January 16, the average purchase price of live pigs was 13.78 yuan/kg. The highest is Lhasa, Tibet, 16.60 yuan / kg, compared with last week's highest in Tibet Lhasa region 16.60 yuan / kg compared to the same price. The lowest is Xinjiang Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture 12.20 yuan / kg, compared with 12.00 yuan / kg of the lowest Inner Mongolia Xingan League last week, the price rose 0.20 yuan / kg. The difference between the highest and the lowest this week was RMB 4.40/kg, which was a decrease of RMB 0.20/kg compared with the difference of RMB 4.60/kg between the highest and the lowest in the previous week.

Comprehensive comparison shows that the purchase price of live pigs in China has increased by 0.51% compared with last week, and the national spread has dropped by 0.20 yuan/kg;


Zhejiang Market: On January 13th, in 2010, prices of live pigs and pork in Zhejiang province were up and down, and overall they were close to the “V” trend. According to the person in charge of the Monitoring and Early Warning Branch of the Price Bureau of Zhejiang Province, from the perspective of the end of the year, the supply and demand of live pigs and pigs can be further balanced in the live pig market. It is expected that the pig market will enter a relatively stable development stage in the later period. With the Spring Festival consumption peak approaching, the hog price will stabilize and may rise slightly in the near future; after the Spring Festival, with the weakening of consumption, the pig price will decline slightly, but there will be no serious losses in the first half of the first two years; In half a year, as the festival increases, the growth of pork prices will gradually increase. Compared with the trend of the “V” type in 2010, the market price of live pigs in 2011 will show a steady upward trend.

Anhui Market: According to the Provincial Department of Commerce, last week, the province’s average meat wholesale price was unchanged from the previous week, of which pork fell by 0.5% and continued to show a slight downward trend. Trading volume decreased by 5% from the previous week. The Provincial Department of Commerce stated that prior to the Spring Festival, pigs were heavily slaughtered and the supply was sufficient. At the same time, demand was also significantly increased. It is expected that pork prices will remain stable in the later period.

Jiangxi market: The Spring Festival 2011 is approaching. Driven by the holiday market demand, pork demand in the Jiangxi market will peak during the Spring Festival. According to the analysis of market demand for many years, the pork market demand will gradually enter the off-season after the Spring Festival. Since mid-December of last year, the purchase price of live pigs in Jiangxi province has been stable at around 7.07 yuan per 500 grams. The prices of pork, lean meat, and pork ribs in Jiangxi Province have fallen steadily from 2011 to mid-2011. Currently, the supply and demand in the market is basically balanced. The amount of slaughter is stable and the supply of live pigs can be ensured during the Spring Festival. It is expected that during the Spring Festival period, the market prices of live pigs and pork in Jiangxi Province will remain basically stable; after the Spring Festival, as the demand of the pork market gradually enters the off-season, the possibility of market hog acquisition and pork retail prices will steadily decline in the Jiangxi Province, but the pigs will increase. The overall food price will fluctuate slightly above the break-even point of 6:1 hog production.

Jilin Market: Pork prices have risen in recent days, but hog prices have not changed, and have remained at 6.20 yuan/kg for the latest period - 6.30 yuan/kg. On the 13th, the reporter learned about a farmer's market near Chongqing Road in Changchun City. The average price of pork per catty rose by about 4 cents in the last two days. Stall owners told reporters that the increase in pork prices may be due to the approach of the Spring Festival, and the sales volume has also increased. Usually, one and a half pigs can be sold every day. Recently, two pigs can be sold each day. On the 12th, the purchase price of pork was 18.9 yuan per kilogram, which was 9.45 yuan per catty, and the retail price was about 11 yuan per catty. Such as pork 11 yuan / kg, 11 yuan / kg after, loin and ribs expensive, are 12 yuan / kg. This is the price of the farmers' market. The price of pork in the supermarket is higher than here. The price per catty is close to 13 yuan, such as 12.8 yuan/kg for the front tank and 20 yuan/kg for the ribs.

Note: According to statistics, the average price of live pigs this week rose slightly from last week. With the Spring Festival approaching, the demand for pork has increased, and there has recently been a slight increase in hog prices in most parts of the country. The outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease of live pigs in some northern regions was relatively serious. The price of live pigs was relatively low, and pig prices continued to decline. This week, frozen rain and snow weather occurred in many parts of the South. The price of live pigs was blocked and transportation costs increased. The pig price showed an upward trend. It is recommended that farmers should pay attention to recent outbreaks and weather changes, strengthen aquaculture management, and timely slaughter.

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