Market Analysis of Chicken Market

Egg prices are stable. Due to the influence of low temperature and heavy snowfall, traffic was blocked, the risk of egg growers increased, and the amount of purchases was controlled, resulting in a small backlog of eggs. As a result, the current increase in egg prices is more resistant. The average price of the main producing areas today is 7.98 yuan/kg; the price of eliminated chickens is stable with the price of eggs, and the average price of the main producing areas reaches 10.32 yuan/kg.

As New Year's Day passed, egg prices rose slightly due to festival effects, but the margin was far less than we expected to rise. Today, the overall egg price in our country continues to fluctuate steadily and mainly in some regions. Today, some areas have risen significantly. This is partly due to the fact that the rain and snow conditions in some areas in the south are severe, the transport of eggs is hindered, the volume of shipments is reduced, and the consumption of eggs is severe. Today, the egg prices in the Northeast have increased slightly, and the market outlook is optimistic. There is a possibility of continued upward growth. Egg prices in Henan, Shandong, and Jiangsu rose steadily and slightly, and the increase in some regions is not small. The arrival of goods in the market is accelerating and there are obvious signs of rising egg prices. In Guangdong, the egg price soared by about two cents today. The decrease in volume caused by traffic was the main reason for the increase in prices. Shanghai’s egg prices were mainly stable, and Beijing’s egg prices were steadily rising slightly. They are about to fall into the twelfth lunar month. The market price of egg prices is worthy of attention; in Hebei, the egg price of eggs and eggs is relatively high, and the impact of Beijing is more obvious. Today, it has risen in different ranges.

The price of eliminating chickens in China is now based on stability, and the overall price is higher than in previous years. The main reason is that the number of old chickens in the hands of farmers is still limited in the market, and there is room for the price of chickens to be eliminated in the low-priced regions. The opportunity to eliminate old chickens in time.

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