The end of winter broiler chicken skillful use of sand

Chickens have horny ticks that are suitable for feeding, but there are no teeth in the mouth and the feed enters the esophagus without chewing. The stomach of the chicken is divided into two parts: the stomach and the mucous membrane. The glandular stomach is smaller and the digestive gland is particularly developed. After soaking the digestive fluid in the glandular stomach, the feed quickly enters the muscle stomach, which is a unique digestive organ of the chicken. The stomach wall is particularly developed. It is composed of thick muscles, and the stomach surface is covered with a solid cuticle membrane inside the stomach. Contains gravel, all hard foods rely on gravel in the stomach to grind instead of teeth chewing. Therefore, chickens must be fed with gravel regularly to help improve chicken digestion. Tests have reported that gravel and gizzards can increase the digestibility of pellet feed by 10% and increase the digestibility of powder by 3%. If there is a separate feeding trough for shells, the chicken may be greedy for large amounts of crumb. Shells, instead of gravel in the muscle stomach play a grinding effect, resulting in excessive calcium, damage to the normal balance of calcium and phosphorus, resulting in nutritional disorders. Therefore, care should be taken to properly supplement gravel during winter feeding. During the rearing period, chickens aged 4 to 5 days old were fed with sand once a week for 450 grams per 100 chickens. The chickens were sprinkled on the feed to feed them. Laying hens are also weekly, feeding 500 grams per 100 chickens. The diameter of the sand grains is Σ3 mm, and it is suitable for the chickens to be about 4 mm to 5 mm.

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