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The Sagittaria is a member of the Alisma family. Its cultivar is Sagittarius, a Sagittaria species, and a Sagittaria species, Sagittaria sagittifolia, which is a perennial herb. In our district, we mainly cultivate seedlings in the spring, and we begin harvesting in the fall. In production, bulbs are used for asexual reproduction. The main bulbs are used or the top buds are sown. Therefore, the seeds of the following year should be reserved. When leaving "species", the following requirements should be fulfilled:

First, select good plants with the characteristics of this variety, short and dense pods, and 10-14 bulbs per plant as the seedlings.

Second, for the breeding of bulbs or seed buds, to achieve maturity, hypertrophy, correct, with the characteristics of the species, the top buds thick and short and curved.

3. Reserve and preserve the seed buds, and select the type of bulb for the indwelling of the reserved seedlings. When cutting the teeth, cut the first stem section below the base of the top tooth, so that the top teeth are about 1 cm thick. . The cut teeth must be sterilized with a bactericide. Storage should be vacuum-packed and stored in a place with no ventilation, no light, and a temperature below 15 degrees Celsius, or be buried in sand so that the teeth will not be exposed to light, and the ambient temperature will not exceed 15 degrees.

Fourth, bulbs can be reserved in general can be reserved in the field, the minimum depth of the field in winter to maintain the depth of not less than 10 cm. Generally, the whole bulb is used for breeding, so that it is not only provincial but also labor-saving and has a good effect.

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