Let high-risk groups surface

“Aid prevention is a war. If you fight it, you must attack it. AIDS is first spread among high-risk groups. Whether or not it can prevent the virus from spreading among high-risk groups will determine the course of the war.”

Wu Zunyou, MD, Director of STD/AIDS Center, China Center for Disease Control and Prevention. From the 90s of last century, he began to get close contact with the entertainment service personnel.

Wu Zunyou is obviously an unusual “regular guest” in a recreation area in Yunnan's Longchuan County. Unlike ordinary people, this spectacled scholar does not seem to need "services" and is not particularly interested in any woman. Instead, she constantly asks questions from the East.

The use of condoms has a direct impact on the spread of AIDS. From the high-risk population gradually spread to the general population, which is the global AIDS epidemic, the law of transmission.

Wu Zunyou reconstructed his foreign knowledge about HIV/AIDS prevention that he had learned for more than 10 years and turned it into a book with only a palm of the hand. It was a comic book with simple instructions.

On one occasion, Wu Zunyou and an assistant entered a recreation facility. Several female waiters were very happy and thought that they had come as “guests”. After listening to Wu Zunyou’s intentions, they all became cold. Whatever he explains, he just ignores it. After more than two hours passed, they were still dismissive of the first draft of the comic book on the table. At 11 o'clock noon, they bored their heads for lunch. Wu Zunyou, who was left aside at this time, was also polite and said, "I am also hungry." Then he grabbed their buns and ate them, drinking water from their paper cups. In this way, a small, silent move drew close to the distance between them. They changed their attitudes and carefully listened to Wu Zunyou's explanation. He read the draft comic book he designed and told him where he did not read and where he did not understand. Wu Zunyou listened and revised it until they understood it all.

Wu Zunyou and entertainment service staff became friends and trained them into investigators. They investigated the condom use status of 50 “guests” in their natural state. Nearly half of them did not use condoms, and the server volunteered to ask for it. Used only 9%.

In 2004, after five years of fighting with the "banned broadcast," condom public service advertisements finally reached the first program of CCTV. Afterwards, such AIDS prevention advertisements frequently appeared on the screen, and domestic entertainment venues began to place condoms 100%. On this basis, Wu Zunyou assisted the relevant ministries and commissions of the country in formulating and improving related policies for condom promotion, compiled the experience of intervention pilot projects as a national technical guide, and assumed the responsibility of organizing national condom promotion training and technical guidance.

“Aiyi is a war, and it is necessary to attack the key when it comes to fighting. AIDS is first spread among high-risk groups. Whether or not it can prevent the spread of the virus among high-risk groups will determine the course of this war. Unprotected sex will become The most important threat of spread of STDs is AIDS,” said Wu Zunyou.

Someone once looked at a condom under a magnifying glass and found that there were many small holes in the latex, thus questioning the effectiveness of condoms. Wu Zunyou through literature search and experiments show that HIV can not pass through the hole in latex. This shows that the use of condoms to prevent the spread of AIDS is effective.

Cleaning needles and condoms is like driving a seat belt. It is to reduce death and disability. It is not to indulge in traffic violations, and it is not to encourage accidents. "Put white powder on smoking paper (chasing dragon), suck three, and spit. In the beginning, all three were chasing dragons, and chasing dragons didn't feel so good and it wouldn't last long. Later, when they injected blood into the blood vessels, they would be fine for two or three seconds,” said Aimei, who received methadone treatment in Nanning, Guangxi.

Female drug addicts like Ami are generally "intoxicated with kin". They acquire drug money through prostitution and spread the HIV virus from the drug users to the normal population. The sexual disorder and prostitution of HIV-infected women have become a bridge for HIV to spread from drug users to normal people.

“Looking back at the past 20 years, we have a gradual understanding of the epidemic situation. The earliest monitoring idea is that AIDS is outside the country’s borders, and the focus is on the ports of entry and exit. Most of the surveillance points are located in big cities.” said Wu Zunyou. When the outbreak suddenly took place at the southwest border, the location was remote, and there were only 146 small groups of drug users infected with the disease. Some people mistakenly believe that it is difficult to spread widely. However, the spark of the southwest border has gradually spread to the whole country.

Wu Zunyou went to lectures in a certain area in the western frontier. The leaders of the local health department reported to him that now we have a large number of people infected here. The state has already announced the “four exemptions and one care” policy. We have no patients yet to cure and we quickly helped us to deploy. Some antiviral drugs. After returning to Beijing, Professor Wu reported to the relevant leaders of the Ministry of Health and urgently transported 100 antiviral drugs to the local area. Surprisingly, these drugs were not available in the local area. Because they were anonymously tested in the past, they did not know who was infected with AIDS.

This matter deeply touched Wu Zunyou. Only among the high-risk populations that are affected by AIDS can change lead to the transmission of HIV infection and block HIV/AIDS at the source. Can not find the intervention of infected persons, the equivalent of a needle in the haystack, the blind touch.

Wu Zunyou believes that in HIV prevention and treatment among drug users, drug users who have been infected with HIV should be managed and controlled as far as possible, and they must first be found. The concealment of drug users is increasing. If they cannot be found, they cannot conduct preventive treatment services such as counseling and testing, and behavioral interventions.

In 1997, Wu Zunyou began to try to clean needles in the drug users in Yunnan. This behavior was initially misunderstood as it was to encourage drug use. In this regard, Wu Zunyou explained that "the right of the two evils is lighter."

In Longchuan, Yunnan, a 30-year-old drug addict cut off one of his fingers with a kitchen knife and said that he was determined to quit. The severed drug addict’s wound has not healed. Like other drug addicts, he returned to the old path of relapse.

For a period of time, Wu Zunyou has always appeared in front of the man with a gauze wrapped in fingers. Difficulties in abstinence from drug addiction are not simply individual “perseverance” issues. The latest research shows that after drug addiction, organic lesions occur in a specific part of the human brain. This organic disease is associated with addiction and is currently irreversible. Wu Zunyou explained that this discovery changed people’s perception of drug use in the past. Relapse after drug use is actually a disease. This will prompt relevant authorities to rethink policies and strategies for drug abuse.

Wu Zunyou said that cleaning needles and condoms are like seat belts when driving. They are meant to reduce death and disability. They are not conniving in violation of regulations, and they are not encouraging accidents. Block high-risk groups, taking into account the intervention of all citizens. Prevention and control of AIDS on these two strokes, simple tricks to practice is a trick.

Methadone is a drug that can cause heroin-like effects after oral administration. After taking methadone, drug users no longer have drug addiction to heroin. At present, the "Medicine Maintenance Treatment Program for Heroin Addicts" has been issued jointly by the Ministry of Public Security, the State Food and Drug Administration and the Ministry of Health. The drug maintenance treatment among drug users has also begun.

A large number of homosexuals often use marriage as an umbrella to mask their true sexual orientation. If gay men were married in the past, and the wife was only tortured by the unfortunate marriage, the potential threat to AIDS now is that Xiao Qiang (a pseudonym) is a AIDS-infected Money Boy (male homosexuality dependent on sex trade). On April 19th, 2004, Xiao Qiang (“Zero”) was the “Zero” (the “Leader Zero” in the role of a male homosexual, and the “nickname” in the male role). She was in a bathing center and forest in Beijing. Mr. Love fell in love at first sight and began to live together.

In a hut less than 10 square meters near Beijing’s South 3rd Ring, Xiaoqiang pinched a bottle of lamivudine and chatted casually with Wu Zunyou. Xiaoqiang has been tested for HIV-positive, although Mr. Lin is accompanied by a small intensity over the soul of the day, but Mr. Lin does not want to face the reality. Wu Zunyou suggested to Xiao Qiang: "Check with your partner."

Wu Zunyou finally said Xiao Qiang and Mr. Lin. "Peer-pushing" surveys are like "snowballing". Through volunteers in "comrade organizations," they tell gay friends around to be examined.

From March 2008 to June 2009, a survey on gay men’s groups began quietly in 61 cities across the country. There were three rounds of “big bottoms” and 53,000 gay men were investigated.

"There is no defense between men and women, and the spread of AIDS among homosexuals is accelerating." Wu Zunyou said, "The most serious area is the Southwest Region. The infection rates in Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang and Kunming are all above 10% in the southwest region. In a few cities, one of the past 100 people checked and there was one infection. Now there are 10 people infected.”

At present, the number of young students infected with AIDS continues to increase, especially for college students aged 20 or so. A junior male student at a medical school in Chongqing was negative for the first two tests and positive for the third. Wu Zunyou asked him why he did not take protective measures. The college student with a medical background said: "As long as he and I are good."

Wu Zunyou discovered in the survey that what is HIV/AIDS and gay college students are convulsive. However, they only have the understanding of words, and they do not have perceptual knowledge. After a positive test at a medical school in Chongqing, the boy spent a full night on the street. He told Wu Zunyou that his mind was blank and he felt that he had been sentenced to death. He seemed to be executed immediately and he wanted to commit suicide.

There are condoms placed in the bar and closet of the bathing center for customers to use voluntarily, but the place where the real sexual behavior has not been placed, and the place inside the circle is called the “black house”. The survey shows that homosexual men have sexual relations and the proportion of anal sex is as high as 64%, of which less than 30% take safety measures.

"When men are married, women are married." A large number of homosexuals often use marriage as an umbrella to mask their true sexual orientation. If gay men were married in the past, the wife was only afflicted with the unfortunate marriage, but now it is the potential threat of AIDS.

A gay wife said that her husband is over 1.8 meters tall and has a monthly income of more than 5 digits. Fortunately, when the husband and she took to the streets, the beautiful girl came and he never looked at it. After marriage, the husband basically has no desire and always refuses. After 6 years, she learned that her husband was a gay man.

At a gay seminar, she burst into tears. Her tears hurt Wu Zunyou's heart. Wu Zunyou worriedly said: “We cannot know the infection rate of gay wives because they can't check the other half. According to the survey, 40%-70% of gay men have sex with women and the spread of AIDS will further Spread to the general population. An effective measure for AIDS prevention is to allow high-risk groups to emerge."

"Fighting with AIDS, we have yet to see the slowdown in the spread of AIDS. My greatest wish is to be able to see the spread of AIDS because of our scientific and solid work," Wu Zunyou said.

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