The Causes and Preventive Measures of Fallen Flowers in Four Seasons Bean

One, the main reason

1. Temperature: The suitable temperature for flower bud differentiation and development of green beans is 20-25°C. When the outside daytime temperature is lower than 15°C or higher than 28°C, it is easy to cause falling, and when the temperature is higher than 35°C, the drop rate is up to 90%. . Pollen pollination caused by high temperature, resulting in reduced seeds in the larvae, the formation of aberrant defects. When the temperature is higher at night, the assimilation of plants will be affected, and the increase of respiration and growth will lead to falling flowers.

2. Illumination: After the flower buds of green beans differentiate, they are sensitive to light. If the cultivation of green beans and water is not properly managed, the plants are mad or cultivated too densely, resulting in poor ventilation and light transmission, and the lack of light will increase the number of falling beans in the green beans.

3. Relative Humidity: When the green beans meet high temperature, high humidity or high temperature and dry weather during the flowering period, they will also cause falling flowers.

4. Nutrition: After the flower buds of green beans differentiate, they enter the stage of vegetative growth and reproductive growth, and the plants themselves have nutrient competition. For example, if the stems and leaves of the flowering stage compete for nutrients for growth and flowering, the competition between the same plant inflorescence during the flowering and fruiting stages, and the nutrient competition between the flower and the planthopper will all result in the fall of flowers. In addition there are bad external environment, not picking in time, pests and diseases.

Second, the prevention of falling flowers

1. Select varieties with strong resistance and high scarring rate. Alpine cultivation mainly selects varieties with high heat resistance. Choose a suitable sowing date.

2, strengthen the management of fertilizer and water. First, it is necessary to apply basal fertilizer, light-weight fertilizer in the early stage, replanting in the flowering and podning stage, not applying nitrogenous fertilizer, and increasing phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. Watering at the seedling stage, watering at the beginning of the flowering stage, watering in the flowering stage, and keeping the soil moist. After the rain, drain it in time.

3, rational close planting. Determine a reasonable cultivation density, timely introduction of vines and removal of disease, old leaves, and strengthen the plant's ventilation. In addition, pest control is well done and timely harvesting is done.

4. Spray plant growth regulators. In the flowering and scab phase of green beans, spraying with 5-20 mg/kg of indole acetic acid can reduce flowering and increase the rate of scarring.

Freeze Dried Apple Slice

The freeze dried food is the abbreviation of vacuum freeze-dried food, also known as FD food. Due to the special place of freeze-drying.Therefore, the color, flavor, nutritional composition, appearance and shape of the original fresh food can be maintained to the greatest extent; In addition, freeze-dried products can be stored at room temperature for more than 5 years without preservatives, and the finished products are light and easy to carry and transport. It is an excellent method for processing tourism, leisure and convenient food. Freeze dried food, a former aristocrat known as astronaut food, has quietly entered people's life.

Freeze Dried Fruit uses the vacuum freeze-drying method of the freeze dryer to freeze the water in the fruit in advance, and then sublimate the frozen water in the fruit in the vacuum environment to obtain the freeze-dried fruit. In short, extract the water in the fruit at low temperature to retain its original nutrition.

Freeze dried fruit is fast freezing and vacuum ice dehydration. It preserves the original color, aroma, taste, nutrients and the appearance of the original materials. It has good rehydration and does not contain any additives. It is an ideal natural hygienic food.

The freeze dried apple slice refer to a snack which are made of apple and popular in daily life.

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