Tomato juice fermented beverage raw material formula and production method

Raw material formula

Tomato juice dilute yeast extract 99 liters of sugar 200 g lemon flavor 0.5 g

Production Method

1. Preparation of yeast solution: After the tomatoes were picked and washed with water, they were crushed and then squeezed with a concentrator with a 0.5 mm mesh filter. The juice was then separated and the resulting tomato juice was concentrated 1/2.

2. Heat 90°C to sterilize, cool to 35°C, and then insert pre-cultured Kluyveromyces lactis and Kluyveromyces fragilis, respectively, so that the number of substrate yeast reached 5105/ml.

3. Under the conditions of preventing the contamination of external bacteria, leave the fermentation at 35°C for 40 hours. The alcohol content of the resulting fermentation broth was 0.8% and the pH was 4.2. The fermentation broth was centrifuged to obtain a yeast extract. The yeast solution was diluted two times with water.

4. Preparation: 99 liters of yeast solution plus 200 grams of sugar and 0.5 grams of lemon flavor. After sterilization, it is sterilized at a temperature of 95°C for 10 minutes, and after cooling, it is a vegetable juice fermented beverage.


With unique flavor and less than 1% alcohol content, the aroma of fermentation is even more pleasant.

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