Shed melon after grafting

Recently, they received a call from a friend from Tangshan region, said that the current period of time is the period of greenhouse melon grafting in the Tangshan region. I would like to ask about the main points of melon grafting and precautions. Shouguang Vegetable Association experts reminded the majority of farmers to pay attention to the quality of grafting, but also pay attention to management after grafting, in order to improve the graft survival rate of seedlings, access to adequate transplanting robust seedlings for the future melon yield Lay the foundation.
Within 1 to 3 days after the grafting of melon, the indoor temperature is strictly controlled, the daytime temperature is 23°C to 25°C, and the nighttime is 20°C to 22°C; after 7 days, the daytime temperature is controlled to 23°C to 24°C and the nighttime temperature is 15°C to 18°C. It facilitates the rapid healing of grafted seedling wounds and the resumption of growth as soon as the grafted seedlings are alive. In order to create a local microclimate conducive to the growth of grafted seedlings in the greenhouse, a small plastic shed can be placed on the seedlings to insulate them. During the day, the cover can be exposed to heat and temperature to create a suitable temperature for the grafted seedlings to heal and grow.
Before the grafting, the seedlings will be irrigated first to increase soil and air humidity. The greenhouse is sealed within 2 to 3 days after grafting, so that the air humidity in the greenhouse is maintained between 90% and 100%, which is conducive to the healing of wounds grafted. Afterwards, the ventilation and ventilation time inside and outside the greenhouse were gradually increased, and normal management resumed after 7 days.
In order to prevent grafted seedlings from appearing wilting after grafting, the grafted seedlings should be shaved for 3 days afterwards to avoid direct sunlight. Therefore, within three days after grafting, the grasshoppers were completely put down and the grasshoppers were exposed one at a time after the grasshoppers. With the increase of the number of days, the number of curtains was gradually increased. After 10 days, all the grasshoppers were uncovered and entered into normal management. However, be careful not to spend too much time in the shade, too long and easy to make melon thin and slender.
The grafted melon seedlings are very susceptible to various diseases because they themselves have wounds and they are exposed to high temperature and high humidity.
In the process of wound healing, it can be sprayed with a seedbed and sprayed with 75% chlorothalonil wettable powder 600 times to prevent the occurrence of damping-off and root rot in melon seedlings.
About 7 days after the wound healed. At this time, the root of the scion should be cut off, so that the scion and the rootstock form a whole. When the roots are cut off, the cut-off site should be as close to the interface as possible to prevent pathogens in the soil from causing infection through the wound; also prevent adventitious shoots from forming adventitious roots, resulting in failure of grafting. After grafting and survival, the newly emerged lateral buds on the rootstock can be removed in time to save nutrients and facilitate the growth of the grafted seedlings.


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