Flower drilling and fertilization

The fertilization of flowers and trees is often done by digging an annular groove or a radial groove. This type of method is not only time-consuming, but also has a greater damage to the roots of flowers and trees. In recent years, some flower farmers have applied methods of drilling holes on the ground around the base of flowers and trees. This is convenient and flexible, saves labor and time, and can greatly reduce the damage to the roots of flowers and trees. More importantly, the use of drilling methods to fertilize, fertilizer loss, can also make full use of a large number of organic fertilizer in rural areas. The specific method of drilling a hole for sustainable fertilization for 2 to 3 years is as follows: On the ground around the base of flowers and trees, along the canopy dripping line, drill 4 to 5 diameters and 30 One meter of holes, then fill the holes with leaves, thatch, pig manure, crop stalks, etc. In order to prevent the soil from filling up the holes when it rains, the stones can be used to cover the hole. Simply remove the stones each time you apply fertilizer.

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Psychological Rehabilitation Equipment

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