Early winter potted flower management

The early winter season is a critical period for the accumulation of nutrients and flower bud differentiation in potted flowers. At this time, the management work directly affects the ability of flowers to withstand winter cold and flowering in the following year. The following work must be done:
Cold protection According to the growth habits of flowers and the need for temperature, determine the appropriate time for entering the room. Dormant flowers in winter, such as rose, pomegranate, lotus, etc. should be placed in the room from 3°C to 5°C; winter dormant flowers such as sweet-scented osmanthus, gardenia, camellia should be placed in a cold greenhouse above 5°C; Flowers that continue to grow, such as Begonia, Carnation, etc., should be placed in a greenhouse at 8°C to 10°C for safe wintering.

Fertilization timely fertilize the flowers, and fertilize the soil after the fertilization. In addition, extra-root fertilizers can be used in combination with spraying to supplement flower nutrition. The topdressing fertilizers commonly used are 0.5% urea, 1% superphosphate, and 0.3% potassium sulfate.

In the early winter season of spraying, the decrease of temperature and insect pests is reduced, but it should also be prevented and controlled in time. It is necessary to focus on the prevention and control of pests such as leaf perforation, aphids, red spiders and leaf miners. Generally, 50% carbendazim 800 times solution plus 40% Dimethoate 1500 times solution, or 50% Tuzet WP 600 times solution plus 40% water-soluble phosphoric acid 1000 times solution can be used.

The flowers, such as rose, hibiscus, poinsettia, hibiscus, kumquat, etc., which bloom on the branches of the year, should be pruned during the dormancy period in winter to promote multiple shoots, flowers, and fruits; perennial vine flowers, cut off the dense branches, Overlapping branches and branches of diseases and insects; shrubs of ornamental branches, such as red wood, etc., select new shoots close to the stems of the branches to carry out heavy short cuts, making them draw new shoots.

The poor ventilation of loose soil will hinder the respiration and affect the normal growth and even death of flowers. The soil should be loosened in time to keep the pots loose.

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