Small water can also raise good goose

When people raise geese, people think that they must have vast waters. However, the experience of breeding shows that even with a small amount of water or even no water, it is possible to raise geese. There is only a small river in front of the office building of the leading museum of amphibians and reptiles in Haining, Zhejiang Province. Last year, the number of geese in the river has reached 1,000, and excellent economic benefits have been achieved.

Goose has strong adaptability, great breeding methods, and small management methods. As long as there is a market for geese products and fine management, the geese industry can still be developed. Therefore, the specific practices of the small-water geese are described as follows:

When the water level is limited and the geese are relatively large, the rotation system may be implemented to divide the geese into groups and take turns to discharge water in groups so as to ease the contradiction of small water surface.

Combine the Goslings to Let Goose Bathe If the goose house is a concrete floor, it needs to be washed with water. Pour the water into the basin to let the goose bathe, then wash the goose house with the water after bathing, and then rinse it with clean water.

Make full use of the favorable conditions after the rain. After the rain, the gullies and ponds often have abundant water. It is advisable to rush the geese to these places for bathing.

Geese who frequently change their water supply without access to the water often jump into the drinking water bath. In this case, it is necessary to constantly change the water to meet the double needs of drinking goose and bathing.

A small pool can be built in the goose house, but care should be taken to keep the pool clean.

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