The prevention and control method of green-blind pupa in cotton field

Leptinopithecus lays more eggs in the densely growing cotton fields. The spawning sites are on the young leaves, main veins, temporal lobes, and tender stems of the cotton. A female can produce dozens to hundreds of eggs. Like the temperature and humidity conditions, the temperature of 20 °C ~ 30 °C, relative humidity of about 80%, suitable for egg hatching and reproductive hazards. Adults of cotton-lipped moth have habits of migration and phototaxis. Before nine o'clock in the morning or after five o'clock in the afternoon, they are active at the top of cotton plants and rest at the back of the middle and back of the cotton plants at noon. Prevention methods are as follows:

1. Before hatching eggs in early spring, remove cotton field and nearby weeds. When the eggs have hatched, spray 20% cypermethrin 2000 times solution and 2.5% deltamethrin 3000 times solution on wintering insect host to reduce overwintering. Insect source.

2. From the cotton seedling stage to the budding stage, when 100 plants are successful, 1 or 2 nymphs, or 3% of newly infected plants reach 3%, 30% of cypermethrin emulsion can be used immediately to prevent and control a variety of blind ticks and aphids. Ye Yan, and does not harm natural enemies.

3. Adult stage spraying 35% Saitan oil or 10% imidacloprid wettable powder or 10% Dividing Emulsion or 20% Mendocue Emulsion 2000 times, 5% Sodium Tetrachloride EC, 25% Guangkewei Emulsion 2000 times , 50% methyl parathion 1500 times, 25% thiofuran EC 1500 times, 5.7% chrysanthemum EC 2000 times, 43% New Braun EC 1500 times.

Dried shiitake mushrooms produce a lot of aromatic substances during the drying process, so the aroma is stronger and suitable for stewed meat. The fresh shiitake mushrooms have a light flavor and a refreshing taste, and are better cooked with vegetarian dishes. When soaking dried shiitake mushrooms, do not take too long, it is better to be 20-40 minutes, otherwise its fragrance and nutrition will be lost.

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