How the flock grazing

Let the sheep run less, eat more grass and eat enough to raise sheep. When grass is grazing in spring, the sheep are not easy to eat. To extend the time of grazing, people must be in front of them. After the sheep are in the back, they hold down the sheep's head and walk slowly. The top wind goes, the wind goes down, less walking, drinking enough water. During the summer when grazing is hot, we must choose high-altitude, cool and cool hill grass slopes and flat open grassland to grazing, so that we can return home early and evening, and we cannot see the sun at both ends. We can rest at noon, get more rain, and fight for time to grazing. Light rain as a sunny day, the rain adhere to put heavy rain after the release. Autumn grazing, catching lyrical, grazing time to be extended as much as possible, one hour break in the afternoon, let the sheep drink water, rumination. When you grazing, you have to walk steadily, walk less, eat more grass, and adopt the starry grazing. Take grazing in winter to eat while walking, the wind to go, downwind, do not jump ditch, not scared, do not chase sheep, hurry to catch, not crowded and not leave the group, put more than 10 hours a day.

The flower type surgical lamp is designed at 2016, when it was been pushed into the market, it has good echo from the customers, because the flower type surgical lamp outlook is different with normal round types lamps, its outlook is just like a flower, it is very beautiful , also can add beauty in the operation room, the flower type ot lamp change the normal condition for baldness operation room style, can make doctor and patients feel much difference; for the flower type surgery lamps specification, it is almost same as round type surgical lamp, in the first year, it also has good selling;

Flower type surgical lamp also has three types, ceiling types which include single dome, double dome , with camera or without camera; wall type and mobile type flower operation lamp;

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Flower Type LED Operating Lamp

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