Maintaining idle rolling shutters and haystacks

Right now, it is the idle period of roller shutters and haystacks. In order to save time and labor, many shutters and haystacks in the sheds have to “sleep” in the sheds during the summer. In summer, more rain is needed. In order to prevent the rust of the roller shutter and rot of the grasshopper and prolong its service life, vegetable farmers must do a good job of protection. For roller shutters, apply anti-rust paint in time. During use, the anti-corrosion paint of the shutter cover is easily damaged and shedding, and the casing is prone to rust. Both the inside and outside of the roll bar are exposed to the grass curtain for a long time and the friction force is large. The anti-rust layer on the roll bar is easy to use. Falling off, resulting in both inside and outside the coil rust, and more rain in summer, therefore, timely anti-rust paint brush. Of course, it is also necessary to remove the shutter after conditional maintenance. It is possible to apply oil and lubricant to the inside of the main unit and inside the roll bar. For grasshoppers, it is important to cover non-woven fabrics or films to prevent rain. Every year after haystacks are piled up in summer, rainwater enters into the environment causing grasshoppers to rot. Therefore, it is recommended that growers use non-woven fabrics or multi-layered waste films to wrap the grasshoppers after drying. In addition, some vegetable farmers have adopted a method of stacking haystacks into haystacks on sheds. However, tilting and even falling of grasshoppers occur every year. Therefore, the stability of grasshoppers must be ensured. When building a grasshopper, we must first flatten the upper part of the greenhouse, lay two layers of plastic film and non-woven fabric, and then use a wooden stick to set up an empty frame. After that, we put a layer of non-woven fabric on the mat and place the grasshopper in a film. Wrap it well. The outer layer is covered with a layer of non-woven fabric sunscreen. Note that the outer layer of the non-woven fabric and film should be slightly longer. It is wound and fixed with a rope so that it can prevent rainwater from entering and the stability of the grasshopper is also guaranteed. .

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