Autumn and winter sheep should pay attention to take a warm shed early

In the late autumn and early winter, the outdoor temperature is generally below 10°C. In addition to the depletion of pasture, the nutrients obtained by the sheep from the pasture cannot meet the needs and can only consume the nutrients in the body and cause the phenomenon of dropping. Therefore, to prevent sheep from falling out, we must use a plastic greenhouse. Tests have shown that the scaffolding in October each year can prevent more than 80% of sheep from falling into larvae and maintain a moderate sensation until they are listed on New Year's Day and Spring Festival.

The best sheds for sheep should be built on the slope of the corridor. It should be high and low, with a slope of about 30 degrees. The front elevation is 2.4 meters high, the back wall is 1.7 meters high, the corridor is 1.2 meters wide, and the front wall is 1.4 meters high. Take the plastic heating shed to be a movable type. When it is fine at noon, open the shed frame and change the air circulation. To clear the manure and urine in time. If it is a fixed plastic greenhouse, it should leave enough ventilation openings and clean the excreta once every 3-6 days to prevent the breeding house from causing excessive respiratory and joint diseases.

At present, most of the sheep-raising households in China use the form of large-scale sheds. It is neither convenient nor economical to use plastic greenhouses, and can be slightly modified. The method is to build a brick wall before the shed, the height and distance should be determined according to the height of the original shed, but it should be determined with the maximum amount of ventilation and lighting. Closed two-slope sheep houses should be modified both inside and outside. If the ceiling is higher than 3 meters, a warm shed can be built inside and a warm shed corridor can be built outside. Sheep in the pastoral areas of China are mostly high-cold grasslands, and in the winter up to 7 months, the use of plastic greenhouses can effectively prevent fall-off and lack of spring.

Sheep cages plastic greenhouses should pay attention to: insulation. Should choose to build a shed with sunny wind, sunny flat terrain, choose a good insulation polyvinyl chloride film or polyethylene film, etc., with double cover, air separation between the interlayer to prevent convection. Seal the edges and crevices and hang the curtains on the doorway. Maintaining a proper rearing density and fully utilizing the body heat generated by the sheep's activities can significantly increase the temperature in the shed and in the house.

- moisture protection. Because of the good sealing of the plastic greenhouse, the water produced by the sheep's excrement or drinking water evaporates, causing the humidity in the shed to be high. If it is not taken care of, it will lead to disease. Therefore, when the temperature is high at noon every day, ventilation and ventilation are needed to remove the leftovers, waste water and excreta. Laying of grass or grass ash can play a role in moisture protection.

- Ventilation. After entering the shed, I feel that there is no abnormal odor, pungency, tears, etc. that are too thick. In general, complete ventilation should be performed when the sheep is out of stock or outdoors.

- Wind and snow protection. The construction should be strong and durable. To prevent the heavy snow from melting and squeezing the greenhouses, the general shed should be 50 to 60 degrees. The snow should be removed promptly.

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