Pomegranate storage and preservation technology

In recent years, with the improvement of pomegranate cultivation techniques and the increase of yield, the storage and preservation technology of pomegranate has also made great progress, and it has become a key technology to ensure the harvest of pomegranate. Now the pomegranate storage conditions and storage methods are described below for reference. First, the storage of environmental conditions 1, temperature: low temperature can inhibit fruit respiration, reduce nutrient consumption within the fruit, inhibit and weaken the microbial activity of bacteria, and extend the storage time of fruit preservation. The suitable temperature for pomegranate fruit storage is 2-3 °C, the maximum can not exceed 5 °C. 2. Humidity: In the process of storage, the pomegranate, with the volatilization of the moisture content, causes weight loss and shrinkage of the peel, which not only affects the weight of the fruit, but also affects the quality of the fruit. Therefore, the relative humidity of the air must be maintained during storage, and the relative humidity of the air is preferably 85% to 90%. 3, gas composition: In the storage of pomegranate, reasonable control of gas composition and maintain a certain proportion, you can maintain the normal minimum respiratory effects, to extend the preservation time. China Agricultural Network Editor

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