Bitter gourd food processing method

Bitter gourd as a high-quality food and food processing resources, has a broad development prospects. Several methods for making drinks and small foods using bitter gourd as raw materials are described below. Bitter gourd cool drink technology: ripe bitter gourd → cleansing → slicing, slicing → crushing → color protection, pre-cooking → pressure filtration → clarification with pectinase, chitosan → adding purified water, citric acid, honey, sucrose, Potassium sorbate, such as deployment → filtration → degassing → bottling → capping → sterilization → finished product. Product features: light yellow green color, clear and transparent, cool and slightly bitter, fresh and not astringent. Cooling effect after ice is better. Bitter gourd protein drink process: bitter gourd seeds → selection → shelling → fine washing → soaking in alkaline water to bitter → precooking (passivation enzyme and debittering) → refining → filter residue → initial grinding of colloid mill → adding sugar and stabilizer , Emulsifiers, quality improvers, preservatives and other deployment → colloid mill secondary grinding → insulation → homogenizer homogenization → filling → sterilization → cooling → finished products. Product features: milky white in color, delicate and smooth, delicious, slightly bitter, not astringent. The stability is good and the external is not layered. Bitter gourd tea process: ripe bitter gourd → selection → cleaning → go 瓤 → slice → drying room drying dehydration → softening → drying again → packing → finished product. Product features: easy to carry, after boiling with boiling water, when the tea can be used as a daily drink of diabetic patients. Healthy people brewing in the summer when the tea, heat and heat, moderate and moderate, refreshing and delicious. Bitter gourd health wine technology: Select the bitter gourd flower behind the small melon → → bottle with the process bottle → bitter gourd fruit grow in the bottle → grow to the appropriate maturity with the bottle with picking → cleaning → disinfection → to join the quality Daqu wine → Cover → Save for 15-30 days → Finished product. Product features: Good taste, good taste, delicious taste, unique flavor, long aftertaste, rich in amino acids and bitter melon. Has the role of promoting appetite, cooling and detoxifying the heat to relieve laxative. Instant bitter gourd solid drink process: bitter gourd → cleaning → cutting, demeshing → crushing → color protection, precooking → beating → colloid mill micro grinding → cyclodextrin embedding → adding acid, sugar seasoning → homogenizer homogenization → off Gas→Sterilization→Vacuum Concentrate→Spray Drying→Packing Finished Product Features: Uniform powder, light green color, no agglomeration, good reconstitution, sweet and sour taste, light bitter taste. Because we use the whole meat of bitter gourd, we retain the functional ingredient of bitter gourd to the maximum. Bitter gourd candied fruit technology: Bitter gourd → Wash → Cut, go to → Cut → CaCl2 solution hardening → Rinse with water → Hot water blanching → Candied fruit → Leaching sugar → Baking dehydration → Cooling → Packaging. Product features: The finished product is light yellow, crystal clear and translucent, with a crisp taste. It has the unique bitter taste of bitter gourd and is sweet, cool and bitter afterwards. Crispy bitter gourd bar process: Bitter gourd → Wash → Slicing, go to → Cut → CaCl2 solution Crisp → Use salt, soy sauce, sugar, pepper → vinegar, cooking wine and other impregnation seasoning → about 10-20 days of maturation → finished product. Product features: bright color of finished product, slightly bitter and sour, sweet and crisp taste, is a rare summer meal to share. Bitter gourd mouth lozenge process: bitter gourd → cleaning → segmentation, destiny → vacuum freeze-drying → coarse crushing → ultrafine crushing to more than 100 mesh → adding protein sugar and other deployment → tableting → packaging → finished product. Product features: Diabetic health care products, easy to take, fasting with the best results. Cool and refreshing, it maximizes the effective ingredients and natural flavor of bitter gourd. Chinese Agricultural Editor

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