Chong Shi particles compound fertilizer effect will not be good

A vegetable farmer in Maoming City, Guangdong province, planted 6 acres of green vegetables. After the vegetables sprouted, she split the seedlings twice. In the seedling stage, she uses less water and no fertilizer to control the water and control the fertilizer, so that the roots of the vegetable seedlings are tied down, which is often referred to as "seeding seedlings." After the seedling stage, she prepares to “get big and big fertilizer” and urge the vegetables to grow quickly. After one month, the fresh vegetables are listed and caught in the off-season season of leafy vegetables. The dishes are sold and the price is higher. She believes this "big and big fertilizer" measure is the key. In the past few years, she applied ammonium nitrate to topdressing vegetables and sprinkled ammonium nitrate on the surface and watered it. She felt that the effect was good. Only ammonium nitrate could not be purchased in these years, and she used urea last year. The vegetable farmer felt that the effect of small granules of urea was slow, not as good as ammonium nitrate. Last year, the technicians of the Agricultural Technology Station learned about her fertilization method and said that it is not enough to apply topdressing nitrogen fertilizer and urea to the leafy vegetable crops, but also to balance the fertilization with nitrogen and potassium. As a result, the vegetable farmer this year changed to three compound fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium 15%. She first sprayed the compound fertilizer on the ground and then applied it with water. However, she found that the particle complex fertilizer was not flushed. As a result, she used a cask to add water to dissolve the particulate compound fertilizer and stir it with a wooden stick to help dissolve the compound fertilizer, and then use the dissolved fertilizer to water the dish. One week after topdressing, she found that such fertilization was not only troublesome, but the effect was still not as good as before.

Expert Comments: The vegetable farmer listened to the advice of agricultural technicians, and applied nitrogen fertilizer to the leafy vegetable crops without paying attention to nitrogen and potassium, and applied compound fertilizer. Her desire for improved fertilization of green vegetables is good. However, the fertilization method is not compatible with the selected compound fertilizer type, and therefore, the effect is not satisfactory. The ternary compound fertilizer containing three nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium should be used as a basal fertilizer. Before the planting of green vegetables, it should be applied to a certain depth of soil. When the vegetables grow up, the body of the vegetable grows rapidly, and the root system ties down. Only the deep soil layer can use nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients supplied by basal fertilizer. Leafy vegetables are hi-nitro crops. In addition to basal fertilization, some nitrogen fertilizers or nitrogen and potassium fertilizers are also applied during a large number of growing seasons. This time the best nitrogen fertilizer effect, the largest impact on the yield. When topdressing nitrogenous fertilizers, the method of flushing fertilization can also be called fertigation. Because, conventional nitrogen fertilizers are all water-soluble. Nitrogen fertilization can be applied to the plant. After it is dissolved, it can move in the soil and can move with the water. Phosphorus and potassium have very little mobility, and phosphorus, in particular, hardly moves, so phosphorus is not suitable for topdressing and fertilizing. Although nitrogen fertilizer can be flushed, the amount of application should be controlled a small number of times, and topdressing nitrogen fertilizer should not be excessive. Otherwise, it will not only waste nitrogen but also pollute the environment.

Case Tip: Particle compound fertilizer should not be sprinkled on the surface and should not be fertilized, where the phosphate fertilizer is not completely dissolved, the downward mobility is poor, the root is not easy to absorb, not only low phosphate fertilizer utilization, phosphorus accumulation in the surface can also be fixed Soil surface trace elements.

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