Tea healthy cultivation techniques

The healthy tea cultivation technology is to control the population of harmful organisms or reduce the possibility of infestation through appropriate cultivation measures to cultivate robust plants and enhance the plant's ability to resist, damage and self-defective, so as to achieve stable production, high yield, high efficiency, A low cost tea garden protection measure. 1. When entering seedlings, strict quarantine shall be conducted to prevent the entry of dangerous pests and diseases and diffuse sources. 2, the use of harmless seedlings. Seeds, seedlings and other propagation materials can carry pests and diseases. Poor seed quality will also affect the growth and development of crops, weakening resistance and increasing the possibility of harm. Therefore, harmless seedlings should be obtained through the use of harmless seedling breeding bases, harmless treatment of seedlings, and industrialized tissue culture of virus-free seedlings. 3, improve the tea garden environment. The bad tea garden environment is conducive to providing a stable living environment for the corresponding pests and weeds. Insects and insects generally suffer from serious violations. A shelterbelt is set around the tea garden; shade trees are set inside the tea garden. Through reasonable crop layout, we can balance soil nutrients, improve soil physical and chemical properties, and regulate soil fertility. A reasonable crop layout can achieve a good pest control effect. 4, deep plowing to change the soil. Deep ploughing and improving unjust soil can improve soil physicochemical properties, help the growth and development of crops, increase crop resistance, and mechanical effects can directly kill the cells that kill or destroy pests. 5. Ground cover. Through the ground cover to achieve insulation, water conservation, increase soil organic matter to promote plant growth and development, improve the resistance and the use of cover to create high-temperature conditions to kill pests and the purpose of blocking pests. 6. Strengthen tea garden management. Tea garden management is an important part of production. Through scientific management is conducive to the growth and development of tea, enhance resistance, through agricultural control, removal of pests and weeds.

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