Causes and Prevention Methods of Tire Wear of Farm Machinery

First, the cause of tire wear. 1. Too high and low tire pressure will affect its service life, and it is also unfavorable for safe driving. Too low internal pressure or overload of the tire will greatly increase the stress and deformation of the carcass, which will increase the mechanical friction between the tire and the ground area and the internal friction of the carcass, causing tire wear and damage. If the inner pressure of the tire is too high, the tensile stress on the tire ply will be increased, the shear stress between the tire layers will increase, the rigidity of the carcass will increase, and the area of ​​the ground will decrease, which will result in deterioration of the tire's performance and wear and damage. The scientific inflation standard should be: based on the standard tire pressure, with the temperature changes, the tire pressure changes slightly. For example, summer should be 5%--7% lower than winter, because taking into account the high summer temperatures, the gas is heated, the volume increases the pressure, in contrast, the winter must reach the standard pressure or slightly lower. 2. The rapid start, braking and sharp turning during use will accelerate the wear of the tire, causing the collapse of the flower and the damage of the bead. 3. Fast and over-high and sharp obstacles can easily cause tires to be damaged by cutting, bursting, and puncture. 4, long-term high-speed driving. According to the characteristics of the tire, with the acceleration of the vehicle speed, the frequency of deformation of the tire increases, causing the temperature of the tire to increase, causing wear and damage. 5. The traction performance on soft soil is poor, especially in the field of paddy fields or after driving on muddy roads, it is easy to produce tires with skid and wear. 6. Tread wear caused by improper toe adjustment. 7. During the disassembly and maintenance of the tires, if the tires are loosely fitted or disassembled, bruised, damaged bead and rims, or incorporated into the inner tire of the inner tire, sand, stones, etc. are mixed into the tires, causing damage to the tires. 8. Parking and improper storage of tires, exposure to sunlight, oil eroding, corroded tires.

Second, prevent methods. 1. During the use of the tire, the tire pressure should be checked frequently and inflated according to the internal pressure of the tire. 2. Start, turn and brake should not be too fierce, try to avoid starting shifts, loosening the clutch, heavy-duty high throttle high-speed start, turn dead and killed the steering wheel, and unnecessary braking and so on. Due to low driving skills, many new drivers often make frequent emergency brakes in traffic due to lack of experience. They often take emergency starting and high-speed steering and U-turns. Traction and traction resistance are too high, the wheels can slip for a long time, or Slightly passing obstacles, some will not choose the road surface and the corresponding speed, which will also affect the life of the tire. 3. Slow down when driving on uneven roads and working on soy and corn. 4. The speed should be mastered according to the actual situation, try to avoid long-distance high-speed transport. 5. When a car is trapped in a field operation, it should be avoided that the wheel idling at a high speed in the pit. 6. Correctly maintain the steering system and maintain the correct toe-in value to prevent early tire wear. 7. When disassembling the tires, they should be carried out on a clean floor without using tools with gaps and sharp corners. When installing, do not bring in sand, and do not install them in the opposite direction. 8. Do not stain the tires with oleic acid, alkali, etc. to prevent corrosion. 9. When it is not working for a long time, you should lift the top of the car so that the tire does not bear the pressure, but do not let air out. In addition, tires should be prevented from being exposed to sunlight. Long-term parking of locomotives and other equipment, if the tires are not suspended, especially when the tire pressure is lower than the specified value, due to the stable deformation, in some cases the tire casing will be delaminated and broken, thus greatly reducing the tire life. 10. Under normal circumstances, after the tire is used for a certain period of time, the left and right tires should be interchanged to extend the service life of the tire.

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