Reversing rotary tiller machine tips

The correct installation of the reversible rotary tiller is mounted on different tractors and universal joints and bushings of different lengths are required. For example, a small tractor is used with a 1.25-meter counter-rotating rotary hoeing machine, and the universal joint bushing is 30 mm longer than the universal joint bushing used for the reverse-rotation hoeing machine with a width of 1 meter. When installing a universal joint, the middle two forks should be in the same plane. When installing the rotary knife, the left and right machetes should be staggered in the same section of the cutter shaft. The tip of the first cutter at both ends of the cutter shaft should point to the middle. When cultivating and boring, the blade should be buried first, and there should be 35-45 mm gap between the outer edge of the blade and the shell and the lower end of the grass retaining screen. When flexibly adjusting the field operation, adjust the pull-up lever of the tractor suspension arm to make the universal joint as linear as possible. In deep plowing conditions, the side gear box should be in a vertical or slightly tilted position to ensure that the reverse rotary tiller is in a horizontal position. Adjust the right suspension lever so that the tool axis is parallel to the ground surface to ensure consistent depth. When the rotary knife is slowly earthed to the required depth, adjust the "position adjustment" handle to the tillage limit. At the same time, in order to ensure that the rotary tillage machine is 10-20 cm away from the ground when the turn of the ground is turned, apply screws on the “position adjustment” handle to control “lift height limit”. During the rotary ploughing operation, the "force adjustment" handle is dying in the "ascent" position. When the field turns, turn the rotary cultivator to avoid damage to the machine. Timely Maintenance Reverse Rotary Culling Machine must check and maintenance before each landing. The first is to check if all the fasteners are secure. The second is to clean up and remove weeds from machinery. The third is to add gear oil to gearboxes and side gearboxes, and add grease to grease fittings such as universal joints and bearing seats.

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